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Don’t get me wrong! I love the holidays, all of the wonderfully festive sights, sounds, and smells of the season! But after 30+ days of sensory overload I love the appeal of January, a brand new month, with fresh fallen snow, representing new beginnings and fresh starts. So as I put my Christmas tree on the curb, and pack away holiday decorations I bring out all of my creature comforts, the items that help me cozy up by the fireplace and dig in for the next 90 days of snow falls and ice storms (wink wink) and make me feel warm and cozy at home until the Spring thaw is here.

Neutral colours are a great for this phase, they help calm the senses from the excesses of the holidays.

I create cozy reading nooks all over the house with pillows, luxurious throws and a great accessible side table (for warm drinks) and lamps for reading.

Here are my favourite reading spots…

My family room in front of the fireplace


The Backless sofa that I made for my office about 6 years ago still remains a favourite reading nook. Just off to the left of my desk and in front of my bay window it provides the perfect spot to take a break away from the computer.  Watching the many birds, squirrels and rabbits buzz around our front yard is always a calming sight that provides respite before heading back to my desk. 

Backless sofa in my office


Where are your favourite reading spots? What are some of your favourite items that help you feel warm and cozy at home?

Bundle up, it's cold outside,

Andrea Hylton


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