Life Happens.

Recently I attended the funeral of a dear friend’s father. Sadly, another in a growing list of unexpected passings. Having lost my mother not too long ago I knew how devastated she would be to lose her father when she was not yet ready to say ‘goodbye’. How precious each day is that we are given – that we seldom realize so until it is too late. Funerals always make me wonder about the ways in which I lead my own life. Like most, I wonder who would come to my funeral, and what would they say about me? And then of course I question whether I am living an authentic life and how many of my family members and friends do. My husband says that I’m the most principled person he knows. I think that what he really means is that I live my daily life in ways that closely align with my core values and am guided by principles we established long ago. I do what I love for work. I know that I try to approach each day with a sense of equanimity – some days I am more successful than others

I surround myself with beauty, the things that make me feel good, like fresh florals. I approach those around me with loving kindness and though my family would prefer I didn’t, I dance and sing like no one’s watching. I continue to use the ‘good china’ for breakfast but fall down when it comes to taking time out for me. Note to self... Living authentically also means full self-awareness – this WILL be the year that I learn to take as good care of myself as I do those around me. Are you living a deliberate life?


Andrea Hylton

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