Finish Before You Start - Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

At Andrea Hylton Home we genuinely care about our clients therefore, it is our desire to share with you a concept we truly believe will make your home renovation project the joyful and exciting experience you wish and most importantly, deserve it to be.  Our concept is based around a discussion.  A discussion we wholeheartedly trust will open up an understanding between the decision makers involved in a renovation regardless of how big or, how small your project may be.  Our concept will cleverly lead you backward, from the very end of your project to the initial stages, where we enthusiastically advise you to open up a conversation on the basis of Finish Before you Start.

The most important reason to have this conversation first is to avoid budget woes at the end of the renovation!   In many cases we have worked with clients whose budgets spiraled out of control and steadily creep as the $10/sq./ft. flooring budget got punted out the door in the flooring store in favour of the “I can’t live without – must have”  $17/sq. ft. flooring; or the $500 hardware budget became $750 – well, you get the point.  We generally get the call two years later when they have had the opportunity to refill the coffers.  What these clients realized albeit too late, is that at the end of the day/project, these items did not evoke the same feelings of pleasure they intended. They did not realize that the finishing that they would want to surround themselves, would play an integral role inducing greater enjoyment and comfort in their spaces.

Well, we strongly believe that the end state is the place to start; because it is at this point where you will experience the feeling you wish to emote every time you enter your living space.  Imagine, you are standing before the room you are considering renovating/refreshing when an image appears and a feeling of anticipation or serenity arises of how this room will rise up and greet you each time you enter it.  It is with this feeling we recommend you begin your project planning. 


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