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At Andrea Hylton Home we have a deep appreciation of all things beautiful and truly believe that surrounding yourself with beauty has a direct impact on how you experience your day to day life. Here, at Andrea Hylton Home, you can expect to find lots of beauty. Beauty as defined by luxurious fabrics, fabulous textures, vibrant patterns, and a rainbow of colour. We are launching our Fall 2013 collection with an initial offering of designer pillows and luxurious throws. Our collection will grow over time to include my top picks of stunning home accessories and favourite gift ideas.

It is our hope that our first collection of Andrea Hylton Home accessories, inspired by my travels abroad and informed by my desire to inject punctuated colour and happiness into your home, alleviates the strain and frustration of finishing a room.

  • That the collection, by providing options in such a simple yet complete fashion, makes your selection process an amazing experience for you.
  • That updating your room's look, or seasonal refreshing will become easy because the end state imagined is so clear.

These finishing touches will help you to transform your house into a warm and happy home. Let us help you create your own personal oasis, your safe haven, your true expression of yourself - your home.

Welcome to our world of beauty.

Welcome home,


Andrea Hylton

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