Interior Design Partners

At Andrea Hylton Home we care about the details, we care about the finishing touches that help our clients create joyful living spaces. And it shows in our products.  We spend months creating well articulated collections so that you don't have to.  In the end, we take the 'work' out of creating well-coordinated looks and put the joy back into finishing. We are proudly Canadian with 80% of our products made in Canada. 
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As an Andrea Hylton Home interior design partner you care about the finishing details just as much as we do! Your client projects tell the story that our products echo, the customer experience is important to you and you can tell with the care you put into finishing your client projects. As one of our trade partners you have access to our full collection along with our semi-annual limited edition collections. 

Our customers come first, and it's no different for you, one of our trade partners. Our programs are online and simple to participate in with flexible terms that allow you to meet the needs of your ever changing business. See our Terms & Conditions.

Andrea Hylton Home is excited to welcome you as one of our trusted trade partners. To sign up for our trade program as a non-stocking dealer, simply register online now.