Press Release: Fashion to Function


 "Fashion to Function" a New take on Dressing Your Room Effortlessly


Waterloo, Ontario - March 2014 - Andrea Hylton, president of Andrea Hylton Home is proud to announce the launch of their new design series, 'Fashion-to-Function'. The new series takes a runway style and breaks it down into decor elements helping clients to create the bridge/ connection to translate a 'fashion look or style trend' into a finish for any room. "When my clients see the connection, they instantaneously understand it!" Hylton says. "I found that I have always helped my clients understand how to 'layer' fabrics/textures and create a unified(?) look by using clothing analogies. Everyone 'gets' fashion even if they are not particularly fashionable," says Hylton. "My clients always had their 'ah-ha' moment after an analogy. It gives us a platform from which to begin a meaningful dialogue about their space."


Using fashion analogies is the fun and brilliant way Hylton explains how to layer textures, fabrics and play with colours, something that is second nature to her. "The art of dressing one's room can be related to how one dresses themselves," Hylton explains. No stranger to dressing well, Hylton is always well put together, something she attributes to a mother that was the consummate hostess and believed in living exquisitely.

The Fashion to Function series is published bi-monthly with a featured 'look' that has a 'runway version' and an 'in-room version'. Clients then have the ability to purchase the entire look with just a click of the button from the website ( Taking the confusion out of the process. 

"We hope to simplify the process for our customers so that they have more confidence and success in dressing their furniture". We have had immediate success with the series, clients really respond well to it. The next obvious extension is video blogs taking our clients through each look so that they can do the same for themselves."



About Andrea Hylton Home

Andrea Hylton Home is a Canadian home goods retailer based in Waterloo ON, that helps clients “dress their furniture effortlessly”. Founded by interior decorator Andrea Hylton, Andrea Hylton Home services its clients through a combination of an ecommerce store-front and pop-up shops. Finishing a space, the act of layering well-coordinated soft textiles, decorative lighting and accessories into a beautifully finished hardscape was a challenge. A challenge that required much more time and effort and frustration than Hylton deemed reasonable. Andrea Hylton Home, the next evolution of the Feather Thy Nest brand brings you not only fabulous product but also helps to eliminate the frustration out of the ‘finishing’ process for any room by the assortment of products and colours as well as the presentment of the available options. 

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